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Graphic Design

We are cutting-edge Graphics designers that focus on providing professional design, quality Branding services that are brand-focused and ensure return on investment.

What you fail to communicate with words, we communicate with design that is smart and creatives Professional graphic designs are very important for any business seeking to establish as well as maintain a positive corporate image and be successful.

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We’ve been in business for 6 years, and our clients know they can trust us for quality work and excellent support.

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At Compsight we believe that satisfaction guarantee and satisfied a customer is the best business strategy of all.


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Lines, in graphic design, can be used for a wide range of purposes: stressing a word or phrase, connecting content, creating patterns and more.


In graphic design, size is used to convey importance, attract attention and create contrast. It is also very important for printing


Colour is used to generate emotions, define importance, create visual interest and unify branding. It also represents a theme


The three basic shape types are Geometric, Natural and abstract. Use carefully to create a visually pleasing design and eye-catching design.


Texture relates to the surface of an object. Using texture adds depth and visual interest. This can be applied graphically in the form of pattern


Value is how light or dark an area looks in a design. It is everything from the darkest of blacks through to the brightest of whites.

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Emilia Clarke
Prof. Danson Musyoki<
Chartered College of Accounting and Finance
" I have seen the website. I am satisfied with your. It is a well done job, very timely, articulate and professional. Thank you very much guys"
Emilia Clarke
Marwa Stanley
Marwa Sores
"" I really appreciate everything you and all of Compsight Technologies have done. From setting up my ecommerce website to bulk SMS integration."
Emilia Clarke
Stanley Mbugua
Avenue Tax and Audit Associates
" Thank you for the outstanding professional job you did for us! I highly recommend you for the quality and professionalism that I experienced every step of the way!. "
Emilia Clarke
"Welcome, it’s been a pleasure working with you, I must say you are one example of a true and honest online developer, I want to say that my experience has been good with you guys. "