Employee Leave Management System

Automate Your Employee Leave Requests and Approvals

Compsight Leave System

When you’re equipped only with conventional tools like paper forms, emails, and excel sheets, your chances of survival are pretty low. Even small missteps can cause disasters like resource crunch, payroll processing errors, and legal complications.

The Compsight Leave Management System automates the leave request process, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees. This solution seamlessly handle all the stages involved in a leave management process: application, approval/rejection, filing leaves, managing leave balance, and analysis. The Compsight leave management system have the functionalities below:

  • Developed onPHP
  • Access online and Offline
  • Ease of acess100%
  • UsersUnlimited

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Functionalities of the System

Some of the key features of the Leave system

All-in-one Dashboard
Configurable Fields (Leave Type, Policy)
Employee and HR dashboard
Auto-Update Leave Balance
Customizable Approval Workflow
Who’s away visibility
At-a-Glance Reporting
Customization to fit your needs

Benefits of using the Leave System

Why you need to implement the leave system

Eliminates paperwork
Removes manual interventions
Improves communication
Offers real-time visibility of data
Ensures legal compliance
Reflects your organization’s values
Leave policy definition
Reduce Payroll Errors
Empower Employees with Self-service

Why & Our software

  • Rendered by competent team of professionals who are well versed in software development
  • Wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies
  • With our competence and experience, we deliver excellent products and services to our customers
  • Tailor-made to suit the exact needs of your business

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