Bulk SMS System


Building Relationships with your Customers

It allows you to send generic and customized SMS messages to contacts that are listed in a CSV or Excel input file or even phone books that you can create using our system. Compsight Bulk SMS System can serve for mass delivery of holiday greetings, credit collection, sales and as an efficient marketing tool and more. Sending from a customized name like “COMPSIGHT” also increases customer confidence and also greately contributes to branding your service or business




The System features

We ensure that we provide quality SMS services for your business needs.

  • Sender ID branding
  • Fast Delivery in Seconds
  • Send large SMS Once
  • Upload from Excel file
  • Send Group, Scheduled SMS
  • Delivery Reports


The download consit of the following

  • System in a zipped folder
  • mySQL Database


How to install

  • Install WAMP or XAMPP server in your computer
  • Extract the files in smspor.zip
  • Copy the folder smspro to the path "C:\wamp64\www\smspro" or depending htdocs if you use XAMPP
  • Create a new database and import the attached database bulksms.sql
  • Go to localhost/bulksms and login using email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and password admin


IMPORTANT: To use the system you must acquire the following. Contact us on 0721127060 for assistance

  • Username from https://africastalking.com
  • API key from https://africastalking.com


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