Leave Manager

A simple system to manage and approve leave requests from any device, know who is off, and plan effectively

Leave Manager

Leave Manager

Empower employees to take responsibility

Leave management can be time-consuming and complex. On paper, your company policies for annual leave and absence may be crystal clear; in practice, it can be difficult to make sure procedures are always followed and effectively recorded with the best leave monitoring system in place.

Paper files can get misplaced, spreadsheets get out of date, return to work interviews may be missed, and you may not have the information you need when it comes to making business decisions and maintaining compliance.
These manual processes are open to human error and create a chain of never-ending emails that HR has to keep track of. This can make employees feeling unsure if their request has been authorized and confused about how many days of holiday they have left.

Compsight Employee Leave Management provides you with a central system to manage all aspects of leave, helping you avoid the pitfalls of other forms of HR administration and record-keeping.
It allows organizations to manage employee time-off, setup leave policies, and automate leave requests. It has an easy self-service interface for users to check leave balances and apply leave online, check status of applied leave, view past leave history. Employees can plan their leave around the team calendar to make sure your departments are adequately staffed.

Leave Management

No spread sheets, no paper

No spreadsheets, no paper

Our approach is down-to-earth and just plain friendly. We love our clients, we love seeing you succeed, and we’re here to help

Track absence as well as annual leave

You can track as many different types of leave as you need. Annual leave, parental leave, medical leave, study leave etc.

Leave is tracked and visible

When leave is requested or approved, it is updated on the central wall chart for everyone to see. See other people on leave before approving.

Get daily reports in your email

Configure to get daily, weekly or monthly reports directly to your email or SMS. This included leaves taken, leave balances etc

Personalized leave calendars

Your staff can have their own logins to check how much annual leave they have booked or taken through the year.

Visual Reporting dashboards

All of your data is available to you through an easy to use reporting solution and dashboards that can be customized

More Features for the Leave Manager

Ease of Use
Secure and Scalable
SMS and Email integration
Activities logging
Self service
Complex leave policies
Export reports in CSV and PDF
Multi Location
Complete Historical Records
Print and Export
Easy deployment

Empower employees to take responsibility

By encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own entitlement, you remove unnecessary manual processes, reducing errors and saving time. Our self-service platform has been built around the users, meaning booking a day off takes less than a minute and checking holiday entitlement is even quicker. Holiday requests are then automatically sent to managers, who can then authorize it in a single click.

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