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CCTV Installation

The importance of having CCTV systems in Kenya can never be overemphasized. There have been many instances covered by the media where CCTV surveillance helped in investigations of different criminal and disastrous incidences.
CCTV Cameras are truly the security backbone in homes and businesses premises. They provide around the clock watch and they are considered the third eye when it comes to 24/7 security monitoring.
We believe that customer is king and have had a long history of great customer reviews. We strive to always have a good working relationship with our customers. Some of the people who have used our systems include residential users, commercial users and government institutions among others. Our customers always call us for repeat services and they don’t hesitate to recommend us to others due to the quality of work we deliver to them. When it comes to CCTV cameras in Kenya, Compsight Technologies is the place to go.



Factors To Consider During CCTV Installation

  • Consider the Areas To Be Monitored
  • Types Of CCTV Cameras To Install
  • Number Of Cameras
  • Technical Specifications Required
  • Storage
  • Budget
  • Warranty
  • Future Expansion
  • Choose Either Wired Or Wireless CCTV Camera
  • Installation
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