Bulk SMS System

SMS is the most effective, non-intrusive and cost-effective way to communicate with customers.

Bulk SMS System

Bulk SMS System

Send customized Unlimited SMS to Customers

 SMS is the most effective, non-intrusive and cost-effective way to communicate with customers.

It has the same benefits you get from apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, but also features a few unique strengths:

  • It works on all mobile phones
  • Its internet independent
  • It does not require an app download

Add the fact that SMS has become practically free in most mobile phone plans and it becomes obvious why it’s one of the most accessible channels for customer communication.
You can use SMS for mass delivery of holiday greetings, credit collection and sales, notify your customer base about a deal, surveys and polls, run a contest, account alerts, reminders, calendar meeting notifications, coupons to your customers, SMS invitation, send last minute promotions and other updates.

The System Features

Sender ID branding
Fast Delivery in Seconds
Send large SMS Once
Upload from Excel file
Send Group, Scheduled SMS
Delivery Reports

Bulk SMSSystem

Build a trust between you and customers

Why Choose Our Bulk SMS Service

Build up confidence level.
SMS Branding
Provide convenience services
Run mobile marketing
Promotion campaign
Non Expiry
Real time Analytics

Uses Cases


Effectively communicate with your customers when you need to. Our Bulk SMS Platform allows you to send messages to many phone numbers instantly.

Customer Engagement

Businesses see Bulk SMS as the quickest way to start engaging with their customers. We make it very easy for you to do mass text communication

Notification Services

Add instant notifications to your applications to inform your clients when important events happen. Scenarios include transactions, reminders or sharing updates

Collect Feedback

An effective way to conduct surveys is by using SMS. Send questions to your users and give them the platform to answer back and provide feedback that you can use to make decisions

Two factor authentication

Secure your mobile and web applications by sending SMS based authentication tokens. This has proved to be a useful and vital tool for verifying users of your service

Employee Updates

Notify employees of important events such as holidays and quick meetings via instant SMS. Engage employees easily such as leave application, leave approval and

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